“The Alphabet Revolution: How a Humble Writing System Changed Everything Forever.” Based on my current book project.

“How the Byzantines Saved Civilization.” Based on my book Sailing from Byzantium: How a Lost Empire Shaped the World.

“The Birth of History: The Ancient Greek Love-Child of Science and Epic Poetry.” Based on the beginning of my book A Brief History of History.

“The Mystery of Socrates’ Last Words.” My original solution to this timeless mystery offers new insight into one of the greatest minds in history.

These are the "basics," but I'd be happy to customize content for your audience, especially if it's a school group.

A Brief History of History

A Brief History of History

Great Historians and the Epic Quest to Explain the Past

The Lyons Press
$27.95 hardcover (352p)
ISBN 978-1-59921-122-0

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Sailing from Byzantium

Sailing from Byzantium

How a Lost Empire Shaped the World

Delacorte, $22 hardcover (368p)
ISBN 0-553-80381-6

Delta, $14 paperback (368p)
ISBN 0-553-38273-0

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